Apple iMac Introduced

The Apple Inc. company has produced some great devices over the years. During the beginning of the company, they produced some of the most revolutionary products that can be found on the market. One of these was the iMac. The iMac was introduced in 1998 after Steve Jobs came back to the company that he was pushed out of years ago. This was considered the all in one Mac computer that built upon previous concepts that the company had been using for years.

One of the most distinguished things about these iMac was the color of the back of the monitor for the computer. The original color was blue, however, they later made many other colors so that the thought of having a computer based on your personality came to life. There were other aspects that were considered those that made the world of computers better. For starters, they removed many of the plugs ins and wires that were found in traditional Apple computers, to just include two USB ports on the iMac, something that most people liked since it meant less that they had to deal with.

This was also the introduction of computers with floppy disk drives and instead using CD's. Of course the computer could not burn data onto the CDs without additional hardware. Overall, the success of the iMac was one that would go down in Apple's history. They sold over 800,000 of these blue and white computers in as little as 139 days. Which is definitely saying a lot about the consumer demand for the product.

The concept of the iMac has been ingrained into many other products that are offered by Apple and truly is a historical device for the company. For starters, they used much of the same technology to power the Power Macintosh. As well as using the technology to make the iBook which was the first laptop computer that was offered by Apple.

The iMac also changed over the years to become something that most other companies could not even dream of. The company started to make sure that standard on all of these computers were DVD players and so forth, hoping to make the iMac the device to have for all the entertainment and technology needs that a person can have. The technology soon became outdated, which is often how technology works. And because of this the cube design of the iMac was ditched, as people were wanting thinner computers that took up less space while offering more internal memory and speed.

However, the iMac will go down in history as the device that started it all. The mini mac, the ibook, the successful switch to using CD Rom instead of floppy disk and so forth are always going to be remembered by those that owned the first iMac. And without it, Apple may not be where they are today, which is the lead of the technology and electronic device field. For those that are huge fans of the products that Apple produce, visit Here, they can read on the devices that are offered by Apple and understand what really makes the brand so beloved.